20 New Photos Minister Richardson Dating Violence

20 New Photos Minister Richardson Dating Violence

Video 13 Ministers Briefing Minister Anna Rablis Richardson Victims Assistance Bureau

The discussion of Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence is an important discussion and should be loud and consistent….. within that discussion know that teens (girls AND boys) are inclusive!

This evening the Student Support Services Division
(SSSD), within the Ministry of ECYS hosted a “Dating Violence Amongst Teens” seminar at The University of St. Martin, USM.


The speakers of the night were Ms. Cassandra Richardson and Mr. Nigel Shulz, on the topic of Teen Dating Violence (TDV) which is “a thing” in every community including ours!

One element that disappointed those in attendance this evening, is that more parents and guardians were not in attendance. So much vital information made available to help parents (and teens) become aware of the red flags and warnings signs…. We truly wished every seat had been taken.

Nevertheless, all is not lost. There will be more attempts to get the information out and the support offered to help those in need and/or those who may not even realize they need help!

This is serious and it is significant that we all get involved and help spread awareness and support.

The silence, pattern and stigma must be broken and discontinued.


Thanks Prime Minister of St. Maarten – Silveria E. Jacobs for being there!

20 New Photos Minister Richardson Dating Violence

Very “Real” presentation organized and facilitated by SSSD (Sheritza and Sophia – you Rock) and dynamic speakers Ms. @Cassandra Richardson and Mr. Nigel S. On the topic of Teen Dating Violence (TDV) which is prevalent in every society including ours.
Thanks MinJus Anna Richardson, happy to join you and so glad I didn’t miss it.
Wish more parents were present!! Hopefully the message reaches to parents and students and the silence is broken & stigma removed.
Facts: Both Girls and Boys are susceptible to Teen Dating Violence. Learn to detect the signs. Bond with your children, talk to them – the real talk may just save them from unnecessary violence towards others and/or against themselves.


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