Air France 1st frequency adjustments for the winter

Air France announces its first frequency adjustments for the winter

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Air France announces its first frequency adjustments for the winter

Air France has just communicated the first details of its winter program. The Americas and Indian Ocean destinations that see an improvement in their service.

If Air France announced ten days ago the return of its Paris CDG-Newark line , suspended for twelve years, this is not the only novelty of the French carrier’s long-haul winter program.

The company will also increase its frequencies on many lines.

In the Americas (including the Caribbean), Air France will continue its program of three weekly frequencies to Dallas-Fort Worth and increase from 14 to 19 weekly flights to Paris-Miami from November 1.

The carrier will also add a fifth weekly flight to San Jose in Costa Rica starting Dec. 9. On St Maarten,

the Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin, the company will offer ten weekly flights from CDG instead of one daily flight. However, the three additional frequencies replace three weekly flights previously scheduled from Orly. On the other hand, Air France is reducing its frequencies to Montreal and Seattle.

On the Indian Ocean, the company increases from three to five weekly flights on a Paris CDG-Male (Maldives)-Colombo (Sri Lanka) axis . The additional frequencies will begin on December 14. To Mauritius , the company offers from December 11 until January 8 10 weekly flights from CDG instead of 7.

Finally, note some changes on the Asia network: the company is resuming its direct line to Beijing on a weekly basis. The company is replacing the current Paris CDG-Seoul Incheon-Tianjin line with a direct flight to the Chinese capital. No change in frequencies in the short term.

Also faced with the difficulty of attracting international travelers to Japan , the company reduced the number of weekly flights between Paris and Tokyo Haneda from 7 to 5 . On Osaka Kansai , the reduction is even more drastic, going from 7 to 3 weekly flights.

Air France annonce ses premiers ajustements de fréquences pour l’hiver


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