Update: Assailant Turned Himself In To The Police Soualiga Canine

UPDATE Soualiga Canine:
He turned himself in

Prayers For Carnival Queen Estika Halley As She Fights For Her Life – St Maarten News

This is very very serious if you have information about this situation or the person being sought by police please do the right thing! https://www.stmaartennews.org

News circulated on Sunday morning where former senior queen Estika Halley was seriously stabbed on Sunday morning. https://www.sxmgovernment.com

The incident happened in the early hours on Sunday when a culprit allegedly stabbed the young lady and left her near the Emeral Funeral home in Cay Hill. Police are investigating the incident. Police sent out the following statement on Sunday afternoon.

“Police are busy investigating a serious incident whereby a female victim was severely ill-treated with a weapon, before being dropt off in the area of the medical Center. The victim suffered severe injuries to various parts of her body and had to be operated on.

Further details about this incident will be given at a later stage. The victim is in serious but stable condition. Police dispatch received the call about 06.00 am this Sunday morning concerning this incident.”

Circulated on Social media is also a photo of the man who was allegedly with her at the time of the incident. Police are looking for the man in the photo for more details about the incident

If you know the whereabouts of this man contact the police asap!.

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