Coast Guard intercepts narcotics One person dies 26 Jul 2022

Coast Guard intercepts go-fast with narcotics on board. One person dies during operation
26 Jul 2022

Training Launch Phase 2 of the O.F- COMPETENCE System Saint-Martin

The naval ship Zr.Ms. Groningen, which is currently sailing for the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard (DCCG), intercepted a fast boat, a so-called go-fast, in the Caribbean Sea, which was carrying a large quantity of narcotics, presumably cocaine, the DCCG said in a press statement on Tuesday.

There were five people on board the go-fast and at the moment they realized they had been caught, they started throwing several bales overboard.

That part of the cargo has been lost, but more than 1620 kg of narcotics were seized. During this interception action, one person on board the go-fast was killed.

The suspects, the remains and the contraband have been handed over by the Caribbean Coast Guard and the Curacao Police Force, which is continuing the investigation.

Now that the Coast Guard was involved in the interception and someone was killed, the National Criminal Investigation Department is also involved in the investigation.

KW4 contraband

Intercepted contraband.


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