Nature Foundation SXM is excited to welcome Christel Horst as the new In-No-Plastic Project Coordinator!

Nature Foundation SXM is excited to welcome Christel Horst as the new In-No-Plastic Project Coordinator!

Christel Horst was born in the Netherlands and moved to Belgium at the age of 6. Growing up living in the forest with lots of dogs, horses and other pets, she fell in love with animals and nature.

As a teenager she moved back to the Netherlands where she completed her secondary education. Christel studied Social Work in Utrecht and Maastricht and came to St. Maarten to write her thesis in 2005.

Once on the island she decided not to participate in the worlds “rat-race”. Instead, she moved to St. Maarten after obtaining her degree, which became her new home.

Before coming to Nature Foundation Christel worked as a social worker in different settings focused on human behavior and how to curb this when desired.

Her specialization is in the area of medical social work, working in several education settings, but other interests kept her involved in different types of work as well.

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Christel also has lots of experience working in nature as she ran the educational department of the Discovery Farm within Seaside Nature Park, as well as being an experienced (therapeutic) horseback riding instructor.

Christel is chairperson of the board of Freegan Food Foundation and is currently also enrolled in a specialization course in positive psychology with Penn State University.

“I am extremely excited about starting this new adventure as project coordinator of the In-No-Plastic project with Nature Foundation St. Maarten,

which uses a variety of social and technical strategies to remove and reduce marine plastic litter. This EU initiative runs from 2020 to 2023,

focusing on innovative approaches towards the prevention, removal, and reuse of marine plastic litter working with DCNA.

I love the combination of working with/in nature as well as working on a scientific development program that benefits our planet.

I am super enthusiastic about collaborating with this international team!”

To learn more about this project please visit or contact Christel at

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