8 New Photos of the MHF Belair Cleanup Latest

8 New Photos of the MHF Belair Cleanup Latest

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MHF Clients Remove 355 Pounds of Trash from Belair Beach!

Clients and staff at MHF Farajah Center conducted a thorough beach clean-up at Belair Beach on Friday June 15th in collaboration with Nature Foundation St Maarten, during which more than 355 pounds of trash was removed from the beach and flora area.

Despite inclement weather, our clients were determined to give back to our community. More than 30 individuals separated into groups and competed to determine a winner with the most collected trash by weight.

Within approximately one hour, piles of trash scattered on the beach and neighboring flora were piled up on the back of Nature foundation’s truck in reusable garbage collection bags.

The combining of the initial groups into two final groups produced one total of 240.93 pounds of collected trash and the other of 114.60 for a grand total of 355.55 pounds!

Nature Foundation’s supporting team took the trash away for further separating and sorting in an effort to reduce unnecessary and hazardous impact on our environment.

Our cleanup team learned of the importance of avoiding plastic use, it’s impact on the environment and the risks posed for our future environmental wellness and quality of life if measures are not taken to protect and reverse our current hazardous situation. https://www.stmaartennews.org

The team rewarded their hard work with some deserved relaxation at Divi Beach where they enjoyed a nice lunch and some fun in the sun.


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