19th Warning shot fired suspect on the run Latest

19th Warning shot fired suspect on the run Latest Gijs Mantel winner of the CBCS Economic Research Award 2022

Warning shot fired at suspect on the run


On Tuesday, July 19, a warning shot was fired by an on-duty officer in an attempt to apprehend a suspect for whom an arrest warrant was issued in connection with an ongoing investigation.

The suspect was driving a small vehicle with a passenger. Attempts to block the vehicle lead to a short pursuit which ended in Guana Bay.

The suspect and passenger fled by foot in the nearby bushes. Investigating officers conducted an intense area search for the suspect and passenger to no avail.


KPSM urges anyone in the area at the time and who may have seen something to report it immediately.

Numbers to call are as follow:

Police station: +1 721 542 2222

Emergency dispatch line: 911

Hotline: 9300

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