St. Maarten Academy PSVE Earns 92% Pass Rate for 2022

St. Maarten Academy PSVE Earns 92% Pass Rate for 2022

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The St. Maarten Academy PSVE attained a 92% pass rate at the end of the examination period for 2022. Guided by the theme, “SOAR: The World Awaits You”, a total of 39 students completed the examination period, with 36 (92%) meeting the passing criteria.

At the PBL level, 23 of the 25 students passed, representing a 92% pass rate, with co- valedictorians for this level being Patria Ozuna Marte from class B4A and Jenny Elizee from B4B. The B4A class was mentored by Mr. Claude Amsterdam, achieving a pass rate of 85% while B4B was mentored by Mrs. Macie Pantophlet earned a 100% pass rate. The pass rate for the PKL level was 93%, representing 13 of the 14 students mentored by Mrs. Sneha Rajani. Izaira Sinclair graduated as valedictorian for the PKL level.

This year, the lingering realities of the COVID-19 pandemic were accommodated in determining the results, provided for in the Service Document as received from the government of St. Maarten. Like last year, students were allowed two resit opportunities and to drop one non-core subject in determining their results. Unlike last year, students had to attain an average of 5.5 on their external central exams.

The school hosted its graduation exercises on Wednesday June 29th, 2022, focusing on 82% passes at the first period. The newly appointed chairman of the Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education (FAVE) FAVE, Mr. Elroy Hughes, applauded the students’ success amidst the challenges of COVID-19. Mr. Hughes stressed that the graduating class appreciated those who contributed to their achievement. The Honorable Minister of Education, Culture Youth and Sport Drs. Rudolph Samuels, in his congratulatory address to the class of 2022, admonished them to enjoy reading, to keep positive, to stay away from negative people, to be on time and to practice going beyond, giving more than expected.

With Mrs. Marisha Olivacce serving as mistress of ceremonies, the keynote address for the graduation was delivered by Mr. Darin Hodge (Versatile) who challenged the graduating class to follow their dreams, to refuse to settle, to be positive and to remember that not everyone is a friend. The attendees at this year’s graduation were also treated to an inspirational poem by graduate Jennicia Farquharson, a captivating speech from the PKL valedictorian Izaira Sinclair, steel pan renditions by alumnus Tyler Percival, mood soothing moments by invited guest Mr. Sherlon Clark and concluded with the vote of thanks by Patria Ozuna Marte, co-valedictorian for the PBL level.

The school’s principal Mrs. Lavern A. Nelson indicated that achievement of the class of 2022 confirms the importance of the entire village working together: God, our FAVE School Board, Management, Subject Teachers, Mentors, Student Care Department, Students/Parents/Guardians, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport and all key stakeholders. To SOAR, she said, we have to believe it, see it, receive it and then as the world awaits, we are to be determined to make the world a better place.

The school offers congratulations to the class of 2022 on behalf of the FAVE Board, Management, Faculty and Staff.

Parents/guardians or interested persons may learn more about the St. Maarten Academy PSVE by calling 548-4821 or by visiting the school’s Facebook page “St. Maarten Academy PSVE”


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