Successful closure 4e Vierlandenoverleg Volksgezondheid op Aruba The Latest

Successful closure 4e Vierlandenoverleg Volksgezondheid op Aruba

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New agreements for improving healthcare in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom

Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands have worked together intensively to cope as well as possible with the COVID-19 pandemic in the Caribbean. These experiences in times of crisis have made it extra clear how important good cooperation is for improving health care for residents of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The four countries have made agreements in Aruba this week to take new steps in the coming period. The agreements include improving pandemic preparedness in the Caribbean region, cooperation in crisis situations such as hurricanes, prevention policy such as combating obesity and improved hospital cooperation, so that the quality of care can be improved and, for example, nursing staff can be trained jointly. Sint Maarten will take the lead in the following topics: Crisis and disasters, prevention and Mental Health.

Representatives of the Ministries of Health of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands and representatives from the healthcare field and the health insurers met in Aruba in the week of 20 June for the fourth four-country consultation. The countries note that there are similarities and differences in the healthcare systems and that there are more opportunities for cooperation to strengthen healthcare within the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

The following topics were discussed: implementation of the international health regulation (IHL), pandemic preparedness, cooperation in crises and disasters, legislation in mental health care, prevention, quality frameworks and accreditation of healthcare professionals and institutions, care training and education and cooperation between the hospitals in the form of the Dutch Caribbean Hospital Alliance (DCHA).

More intensive collaboration
Various actions were formulated during the four-country consultation and various working groups will be set up in the coming period to give substance to the agreements made. The agreements that will be further elaborated include: investing in a surveillance system for monitoring infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases, cooperating on access to medicines and medical materials in preparation for pandemics and disasters in the region, exchanging knowledge about health-promoting interventions, setting up joint quality frameworks/systems and creating a trajectory for students from the Caribbean area to progress to medical specialization in the European Netherlands or CAS-BES.

In the context of the hospital cooperation DCHA, it will be possible to work more intensively in other areas with a view to promoting efficiency, quality and sustainability of care for the region. Topics where cooperation is continued and expanded concern joint purchasing, training and education, pandemic preparedness and efficient organization of hospital care on the islands.

“The is an example of teamwork and proof that together we can accomplish a lot more. The countries were in discussions for several months to ensure that this agreement benefits the people. The agreement extends way more than just a hospital agreement. It touches the quality of care, sickness prevention, mental health, and education improvement”. Said Ottley.

Enthusiasm and trust
Minister Oduber (Aruba), Minister Pietersz-Janga (Curaçao), Minister Ottley (Sint Maarten) and State Secretary Van Ooijen (The Netherlands) look forward to the collaboration with great enthusiasm and confidence in the importance of guaranteeing and making the care for the inhabitants of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom more sustainable. The next four-country public health consultation is scheduled for May 2023.

In photo from L to R:
State Secretary Van Ooijen (The Netherlands), Minister Oduber (Aruba), Minister Pietersz-Janga (Curaçao), and Minister Ottley (Sint Maarten).


  1. […] Successful closure 4e Vierlandenoverleg Volksgezondheid op Aruba The LatestWhen the then department head requested the Minister of VROMI for additional manpower, the Minister responded by providing the requested help. It is no secret that the Ministry of VROMI (among others) is short-staffed. The Ministry has been working diligently, within the confines of what is possible to fill vacancies to improve services rendered. As many may know, recently a job mixer was held to recruit potential candidates which was well attended and have provided some solid candidates for said vacancies.Prior to the awarding of contracts for the SWC tender, the process went through the Department of Infrastructure Section of Contracts, the Dept. Head of Infrastructure Management, the financial controller, the act. Secretary-General, Cabinet, Councils of Ministers and was checked and verified by the Governor and his cabinet. For this reason, the Ministry of VROMI respectfully does not share the position of the Ombudsman that the tender was neither fair nor transparent. The Ministry was requested to provide feedback to the preliminary findings of the report and complied also indicating that the report of the Ombudsman was found to be incomplete in details and therefore affecting the conclusions and outcome of said report. The Ombudsman has included the letter sent by the Ministry as a response to the report in question, but the Ministry has noted that the Ombudsman did not provide any feedback on said response in her final report.“Despite not agreeing on the final report of the Ombudsman, it is abundantly clear that the Ministry and Ombudsman share (among others) one main and similar goal, to promote good governance. A tender procedural document was prepared in December 2021, which is used within the Ministry and applied to each tender. It is good to see that the Ombudsman shares this initiative of the Ministry in her recommendations. The Ministry will discuss this report internally and provide feedback to the Ombudsman on her suggestions made in her report.”The Ministry of VROMI will continue to work endlessly on improving in all areas as well as continue to uphold the good governance which is being pursued by the Government of Sint Maarten. In closing the Ministry of VROMI looks forward to great cooperation between the two entities. […]


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