New RECALL Canned July 3 Carrefour Cassoulet The Latest

New RECALL Canned July 3 Carrefour Cassoulet The Latest

RECALL Canned Carrefour Cassoulet

The manufactures of cassoulet have issued a recall for all Carrefour canned cassoulets. This recall is due to the instability of sterilized cans of cassoulets.

These products have been manufactured and or stored under conditions that do not allow for satisfactory health guarantees to be provided. They may contain a manufacturing defect, which can cause micro leaks and therefore may likely present a danger to the health of the consumer.

• The recalled product is the 1260 gram can of Cassoulet from the Carrefour brand with the best before date of 01/03/2025

Carrefour has already initiated voluntary recall of the products listed above. All local importers and distributors have removed them from their shelves.

CPS COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic New Hours The LatestIf consumers have products matching the above description in their possession, they should dispose of it immediately
The Food Safety division of the Inspectorate has conducted the necessary controls.
The Inspectorate has not received any complaints related to the recall as yet and advises the public not to use or discontinue use of any products listed above.

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