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On February 15, 2022, the official portrait of the first Governor of Sint Maarten, His Excellency, Governor drs. Eugene B. Holiday was unveiled by Governor Holiday and Mrs. Marie Louise Holiday at the John Larmonie Center, in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten.
Following the unveiling of the portrait Governor Holiday referred to the exceptional artistic skills of the artist, Mr. Alfredo Doornkamp and thanked him for delivering a wonderful portrait. In his remarks Mr. Doornkamp stated: “In the painting you have certain details which tells a very important story. The Governor really thought everything, every detail through. ….. he is a man who knows what he wants”

The mistress of ceremony, Ms. Clara Reyes, in introducing the ceremony stated: This occasion of establishing a new tradition is to build Sint Maarten memories of an office held by distinguished Sint Maarteners,…… we are witness, as the legacy of the office holder is immortalized on canvas. ”

In welcoming the guests, the Director of the Cabinet of Governor Mrs. Mieke Kalter highlighted the role of the staff of the Cabinet and stated: “In a few moments, the official portrait of the first Governor of Sint Maarten will be unveiled. This will be the first in a gallery of portraits that will be displayed at the Cabinet.”

Governor Holiday concluded the unveiling ceremony by giving the guests some insight into the details of the painting. In his remarks he stated: “Art as …. helps to preserve our collective memory. It is therefore my hope that this practice will become part of the artistic culture and tradition of Sint Maarten as we continue to work to build our nation… The portrait captures an image of me at the head of the meeting table in my office. A close look at the painting provides (through various symbols) a peek into my person and background. It shows me sitting upright, calm and steadfast, with my hands on my left thigh, dressed in a navy-blue suit, white shirt, blue necktie, white pocket square, my Sint Maarten flag lapel pin, and my anchor cufflinks…….. On my right lying open on the meeting table there is the 2010 edition of the constitution of Sint Maarten. …. Resting on the constitution is my pen which I often use to work out my thoughts and to prepare. … In the background through the window there is Sentry Hill, ……. it connects the painting and my person to Sint Maarten. ………. It is my hope that viewers will see in this painting, a portrait of a man who during our country’s formative years and during tough times was deeply honored and humbled to guard over our country’s interests in service to our people and country. I am particularly hopeful that this painting will inspire young Sint Maarten boys and girls to serve their country and that among them we will find future governors… Future governors who …… will hear it whispering: God will guide you, stay strong, keep calm, remain steadfast, strive for excellence and put the interest of the people of Sint Maarten first my friend. Observant viewers of the portrait will see a monogram, three letters written on the cuff of my right sleeve … the … initials, MLH. (included as a tribute and recognition of my wife Marie Louise Holiday) ….. In closing, it is my honor and privilege to serve the people of Sint Maarten. As a son of the people and Governor for the people I hereby dedicate this portrait to the people of Sint Maarten.”

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