Prime Minister Silveria Jacob’s Is The Black, Caribbean Female Version of That Loser, Donald Trump.

1) I’ve been trying to avoid blogging, because I’m not fully set up, but sometimes these St Maarten politicians compel me to say something, since everyone else is to afraid of the wrath of Silveria, or they are busy sucking up to her, kissing her ass in order to get something out of her.

2) As I watched the Covid infections and deaths reach record numbers, as a watched them stack bodies into freezer trucks, as I watch the world try to contain the latest Corona virus strain, which is 70% more infectious than the original, someone in Rotterdam sent me the above Carnival schedule. A Super spreader event organized by the very government elected to protect us.

3) I thought it was a joke, and I chose not to address the issue, but turns out I’m not the only person stunned by the stupidity, greed and gullibility of our ‘dear leader’.

4) Silveria and her actions are why so many of us St Maarteners loathe the Dutch, but we loathe our own government more.

5) This whole decolonization bullsh*t, is just that…. BULLSHIT. In order for full autonomy or independence, St Maarten has to be STABLE. A stable economy, debts paid off, nothing outstanding. Infrastructure, Education, Employment has to be stable, up to par. There should be a surplus of money in the coffers, not a deficit.

6) The government is bringing up decolonization now, to distract from their grand larceny, their piss poor performance handling the Hurricane Irma recovery projects….We will discuss all the missing money and materials that was meant for OUR reconstruction.

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