Lazarus Rises: Elections Dutch Sint Maarten 2016 judith roumou

St Maarten Government News

The last time I posted to blog, was hours before surgery. Much to the disappointment of many, I survived- my apologies, for continuing to breathe.

  1. There are many people new to these blogs, therefore they do not understand that is a SATIRICAL blog, that also posts mainstream stories. There are other editors, but I’m my boss, so I really have very few restrictions. Anyone who thinks that this blog is MSM, will continue to be confused, and will simply never get it.
  2. The main difference between the blog during this years election, and the last elections is that I am in the Netherlands, and in recovery. Therefore I’m at around 5% percent, so I cannot do my usual political damage. Following doctors orders, I will blog less, and use more contributors.
  3. I am not allowed to follow the 2016 elections too closely, for medical reasons. Reading stupid, obvious lies…

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