Curacao wake up without Hyatt and SXM wake up with a new securety company with a lux $$$ deal at PJIA…… own by a retired not fired Police officer. When will these personal deals stop? In the mean time the president left the workers in a mess un-answered  questions….. Where are our 15 MP’s…. Lawyers who have to advice our Minister of justice defending suspect who is was detain for alledged defrauding government money. Now make it worst the new law firm who dealing with the case is the same who defending government interest in all court cases…….. hmmmmmmm and we the tax payers need to sit and see all of these BS going over our head. In the mean time our money (Tax money) been abuse and nobody can say anything because everyone is in theit gor personal interest nothing else!!!!!!

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  • Gromyko Wilson In the mean time the unions who represents PJIA workers are sleeping. One pjia staff got suspended n others warn because they refuse to shake the new company staff.
  • Gromyko Wilson Just now we going get more of these secret deals coming above ground hope the people understand that their bread is in danger. Is time to stop selling them votes during election time. Is time to vote a man with balls to stop these business in business deals (Toko den Toko).
  • Ynieria-jasuwanna Jeffers if it was about GAYS marriage mr wilson ur wall would of be full.i cant speak because i pay tax in uk.lol
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  1. Dear Mr. Gromyko Wilson! If you allow me to, i disagree with you! I believe that you do not see “the big picture”! In my Country (Bulgaria) the old people say – “the fish is start smelling from the head” !! Do you really believe that ” retired not fired Police officer” is capable of such power/movements? Are you familiar with the scheme = “fuse” and all the rest behind?
    ” If you like to save the body of the fish, cut the head”!


    • I’m guessing that the Head would be Roland Duncan in this case, who would be our current Minister of Justice. He likes to call himself the “Top Cop”, but I really don’t believe untrained civilians should be playing any roles in the active police force nor in the military. The “head” here seems not to be Peter de Witte, who is called the “Police Chief”, but is controlled by a civilian who has been involved in more than one conflict of interest, and downright criminal activity. What’s up with the Prosecutor? What about Maria Buncamper Molanus? According to the papers there were tons of evidence, but they’ve arrested and convicted “Bling Bling”, and everybody else involved, but the Marietje case lingers on. I’ve been told that the “Vineyard” building which is where the prosecutor is located is owned by the Buncampers. One of the first things that have to be done in SXM, is to find a prosecutor who is not afraid, nor intimidated by the real criminals in SXM. I read in the paper where they caught and convicted that mentally ill guy who scared the tourists, and he was sentenced within two months. It’s been years now since we’ve been told about the “solid” proof against the Buncampers, but I guess they’re too busy with the “scary guy”, wake up sxm!


  2. p.s.
    Dear Mr. Gromyko Wilson!Actually I can not blame the Government! It is well-known the fact that, the “cancerous diseases” of the modern democratic societies are discrimination and corruption! If you wont to address the issue, do not blame the “fuses”, aim higher!


  3. p.s.
    You should work on the shared Bank Accounts (like Vice-President from the Joint Court of Justice -Mr.Judge Mr.R.W.J. van Veen and Mr. Rik Bergman in SBA-SXM (the stichting Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur of St. Maarten) Please see : http://www.notarysps.com/Lawtrai%20.htm
    What do you expect from the Government , if the Vice -President from the Joint Court of Justice of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Saint Eustatius
    and Saba share Bank Accounts with Attorneys as Rik Bergman (Attorney of White collar criminals)???


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