This is not a nice sight, but this is the reality of St Maarten. I went down to GEBE to find “upper management“, and I was told that of course, “upper management”, Paul Marshall was on vacation. So I left the beautifully decorated halls of GEBE, and stepped outside, and I watched GEBE employees on their way to work, stepping over this man, and complaining about “here’s where he gon’ sleep?” Dear GEBE employees, the amount of money you spend on your Christmas decorations could last a family in poverty a YEAR. You don’t have to give this man money, but you know he is in an unfortunate situation, so don’t be complaining about this homeless man, when you have a home. You can offer him a sandwich, a soda. You want to show your “xmas spirit”, by spending thousands on decorations, when the true holiday spirit would be to give this man a sandwich, or get him a free cup of coffee from your offices.

I know who he is, and I know what he does. Everyone in SXM does. Last time he made the frontpage after having a seizure, and was rushed to the hospital.

MOST HOMELESS, are not just addicts, but suffer from mental illness, and sometimes physical illness.

MOST of our HOMELESS are schizophrenic, suffer from severe depression, and other types of not physical ailments.

It’s easy to laugh, and judge this man, believing that you will never be homeless, that you will never be in his shoes.

God has a way of being an “equalizer”, if you can’t find empathy, you will find yourself in the exact same position as the person that you are laughing at, and you will be FORCED to learn how to empathize with the less fortunate.

Merry XMAS, St Maarten



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