da tranny from miamihi Julian!
da tranny from miami
hi Julian!

Dear Editor,

The latest rage is using an old Facebook account, over which I have no control to shamelessly attack Deputy Prime Minister Theodore Heyliger.

I want to make this abundantly clear that I am distancing myself for 100 per cent from these statements and accusations. I have no problems or differences with the minister, as up to last week I was at his office for official business where we discussed various issues.

In addition, I want to caution friends, business associates and the general public not to open nor respond to none of these Facebook messages or otherwise. These messages are not from me and by responding you are opening your system to infiltration and manipulation. For the last two plus years this has been taking place. None of these messages were from me. None!

These messages are coming from a person who has nothing to do but be a perfect public nuisance, with no positive contribution to make to neither St. Maarten nor mankind.

This individual has a modus operandi which is doing computer work for people; steal and change the person’s passwords, then blackmailing the person(s) into paying for the new passwords. This has happened to former Minister Crastell Gumbs and my former executive assistant Jeffrey Richardson and some other unidentified victims.

When control was taken of my hotmail and Facebook account I filed an official complaint with the prosecutor’s office St. Maarten, The Attorney General in Curaçao Dick Piar and the FBI office in Miami, where I was told this person is wanted in the USA for these same practices in the Chicago area. If ever caught on US soil the person will be jailed.

What I learnt was we need laws on St.Maarten to prosecute the perpetrator. In the USA several people have gone to jail for these crimes: invasion of privacy, defamation of character, stealing of private information and impersonating individuals regardless of status or standing.

The attacking of Theodore Heyliger with my name is maliciously being done with absolutely no good intentions in mind. This individual has been defaming and attacking the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice, Hilbert Haar (editor of the Today Newspaper), prominent lawyer Richard Gibson, Labour Advisor Eldridge van Putten, Antonio Brown senior GEBE employee and many other citizens on St.Maarten.

This way of behaving with absolute impunity is apparently possible because we have no internet laws in our penal code, and the individual has no job, no property and absolutely no assets in order to be attached once there is court verdict. So the individual has become an internet terrorist with absolutely no limits. So a stiff jail sentence should be attached to this type of violation.

In closing I am appealing to the ministers mentioned and our members of Parliament to pass the necessary legislation to curb this type of anarchistic behaviour. I have already spoken to several senators about this matter and it is now time to act. Seemingly there is already some draft legislation. Members of parliament the ball is in your court.

Julian Rollocks

Businessman, former Tourism and Economic Affairs Commissioner


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