• If my memory serves me well, not too long ago our first Minister of Health, Labour and Social Affairs was ACCUSED of illegal activity, she maintained that she was innocent, and because of all the dark clouds of doubt surrounding her she did the ethical and honorable thing and stepped down.
    Since then, no investigation could have been initiated and subsequently anything brought to court because apparently there was no case and she did nothing wrong.

    Now Sunday morning on the radio I’m hearing this Member of Parliament who has been found GUILTY TWICE in a court of Law, as recently as a month ago, further trying to clear his name on the radio… dude Step down! your act is up! Do the honorable thing! it says to be banned from public office for 3 years, take 10…. You been found guilty of committing crimes while in Office and you in Parliament deciding how the rest of us are going to have to live our lives? huh…… #onlyinsxm

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    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson Marietje should have never stepped down. I am pretty sure she would have done a better job than minister De Weever. At the end of the day it is about competence….
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    • Pauline Lourens foood for thought
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    • Lamin Ibrahim Hmmmm……..I dont think Buncamper would have done a better job than anyone to be honest. She was too busy with her hand in the cookie jar to be of any good use. Again, dont point the finger at any one po-lie-tician….anyone making over 10,000 bucks a month while calling themselves a servant of the public is a thief.
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    • Chenri Lourens come on alston, who in the government on sm aint chipping a lil thing , nothing new
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    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson Has she done anything illegal? Bunch of people like to talk, but have no idea what they are saying. When it comes to competence: it was under Marietje as commissioner of health and labour that the initial ideas about the National Health Insurance were formed and put to paper…When National Alliance came to office, this joke of a Hyacinth Richardson became commissioner of health and labour….That commissioner and his party were a disaster for the development of the NHI, not to mention the lack of anending labour laws and regulations
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson The current minister took over while being inexperienced with the in-dept situation
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson By the way: Marietje has a degree in finance and has 17 years experience in the political arena, so she is well all-round….
    • Chenri Lourens …..and these things dont only happen on sm , worldwide babylon.sxm is just on a small scale.
    • Pauline Lourens who is the minister now?
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson De Weever, you don’t know?….lol…
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson He is so busy fighting his fight with Scot that everything else becomes irrelevant it seems…
    • Pauline Lourens no i dont live there and the government changing so often that i cant keep up with the names and who is now what minister
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson Lol…I hear you, but the government hasn’t changed as often as the dutch government….It’s good to follow (political) developments on SXM while being abroad….
    • Vernon Verwoord We need that fight it’s way overdue. I’m glad to know that someone is stepping up to the plate and finally doing something about that Medical Centre. It’s been a mess for awhile now.
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson I don’t disagree with the fact that improvements are needed, but did you take notice WHEN this “fight” became important? The fight is for the wrong reasons.
    • Lamin Ibrahim Sjaeol…….care to explain what was legal about Buncamper writing a check from Telem (which was in her portfolio at the time) to a foundation that she was a part of? Also, care to explain what is legal about her husband using lumber and materials from public works to make her political posters for campaigning. Seems like you have selective memory.
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson I don’t have a selective memory. What did the foundation do with the money? Pay local artists (even more than received)! Now we have government paying 400k and wanting local artists to perform for free.
    • Vernon Verwoord In my eyes it could never be for the wrong reasons if it improves the Medical Centre on the whole. I don’t get into the politics of it all, this is too important to let politics get in the way.
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    • Lamin Ibrahim Wrong is wrong my good friend. That is called nepotism. And if you think ALL of that money went to the artists then you need to think again. I also asked bout the lumber and materials being used at public works….any comments on that?
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson What materials were used and how much did the materials cos which were NOT paid for?
    • Pauline Lourens i dont follow dutch politics .. i just wait for the laws and go along with it.. i am concerned with what is going on sxm so that comparison is irrelevant to me.. in my opinion it doesnt matter the name of the person who is the minister in sxm.. what matter to me is that the job is getting down there and ppl are satisfied with the actions being taken
    • Lamin Ibrahim Again, it seems you are clueless to the public works fiasco. Do a lil investigation before trying to potray Maria as Mary the virgin. She is not innocent. Again, this is not about her this is about all of them. Making a claim that a politician is clean is like saying the Jews in Israel are holy. Lol.
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson I agree on the hospital being more than a serious matter. But ask yourself: where does it fit in the total picture?
    • Pauline Lourens @lamin.. i understand where you are coming from but you can not generalize all persons.. everyone has their wrongs… @sjaoel i will like you to educate us on where you fit the hospital in the total picture
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson I am not claiming anything. Fact is that people hear things and will talk about it as facts. You are telling me that I seem clueless about what went on. What PROOF do people have when making statements and accusations?
    • Lamin Ibrahim I am not generalizing..Pauline. I am merely stating that there is no such thing as a clean politician. They are ALL liars and thieves. Anyone thinking about being a politician should automatically be disqualified from being one.
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson I am not naive and I know that the political arena can be a dirty one. I have to second Pauline’s statement that the only thing that matters is getting the job done.
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    • Lamin Ibrahim So you are saying that the Daily Herald reported falsehoods about her land deal with Kory Blocks, the check scandal, and the public works fiasco? All of those were misrepresentations? LMAO. Come on now. Where there is smoke there is usually a fire.
    • Pauline Lourens in my opinion you are being very negative..without ‘politicians’ who will become government and run the country.. if your mother or father goes to be a politician does that mean they will be a liar?.. #confused
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson Wow…the big picture is a whole topic by itself…when it comes to restructuring our health care system (primary, secondary, tertiary care-insurance coverage-tariffs-financing-AVBZ-prevention etc)
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    • Lamin Ibrahim Lol. Government is not the solution…….they are the problem. Serious talk. Government doenst put food on my table nor do they clothe my children. My father and mother wouldnt do politics…..they are too honest for that.
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    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson I dont have the time now to elaborate, but I am pretty sure that Marietje is more competent than the current minister and the last commissioner.
    • Lamin Ibrahim She may be more competent that the current incompetence but that would just make her mediocre. Lol.
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson Like I said: she shouldnt have stepped down. We sure can use her now in parliament or as a minister, be it in health and labour or in finance…What we have now is just not good enough in my humble opinion…
    • Lamin Ibrahim She stepped down because she was guilty and she still gets paid and not locked up. Not a bad deal if you ask me.;);)
    • Vernon Verwoord My bro there is no politics when it comes to health. It will ALWAYS fit into the picture. We are all big ppl here….. So take a step back and get your head out of the political arena and come back to the side of Compassion and Humanity, cuz they all to blame for the mess we in.
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    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson That’s a matter of opinion. I respect that. I do believe that an individual should carry his her own responsibility and that we as a community also have to carry our responsibility. Government is/ought to be thete to provide and execute that structure
    • Lamin Ibrahim Govt is the problem not the solution. Who got us in the mess we are in? Not a certain political party…….just politicians.
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    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson She stepped down, because of public lynching and because of Sarah wanting to “protect” DP’s name…
    • Lamin Ibrahim Exactly………if a political leader has no confidence in you…..then you gots to go. It happened to Laviest too remember? 😉;)
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson @vernon: when the dust settles down, you dont want to have an institution for the poor and one for the rich on the other hand….you also want to keep your health insurance affordable…the big picture sure is important
    • Lamin Ibrahim And maria is the person to bring us that?? PUH-LEASE!!!
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    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson An investigation was launched against Laveist and,like Alston Alvarino Lourens rightfully said, he has now been CONVICTED TWICE. The PG has no case against Marietje, because thete isn’t any….
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson Anyeay, gotto go earn some dollar cents. Talk to y’all later.
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    • Lamin Ibrahim There isnt any…..cuz she ran before it was taken to court.
    • Sjaoel Shooz Richardson Lamin, that is pure nonsens. You are basing that on emotions and hear say. Where in the law it states that the sale of economic rights is illegal?…anyway, Im out..
    • Vernon Verwoord Sjaoel it’s much much more than that the dust has already settled and it’s crystal clear to me. Do u remember the episode with Dr. Friday ?
    • Charles Barran When those people commit a crime here they don’t step down…….they get promoted;) 
      All you St characters do complain like little bitches amongst yourselves but when it comes time to protest or riot you will never stand together, lol.
      Sad and pathetic, it’s going to take a jamaican or Chinese to get fed up and do it one day.
      My suggestion to all you young professionals on crab island is to get the fuck out now! (if you don’t have money or a name). If you do then life cool and see you in the VIP;)
      Blessed 🙂:-)
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    • Arlette Lourens Suggesting this generation to get the fuck out is only to further endanger and cripple the next generation. We are here because steps we being taken years ago in our parents time that are popping now. We need our young people to open their eyes, be aware of the decisions government is making, because it will affect our children even more so than it affects ourselves. We need to call on our young people to step up to the plate, join on decision making, future mapping, development and planning; so we can have a say in our future and that of our little ones. So we could say in all sencerity that we tried to do better for our children and along the way… Ourselves.
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    • Charles Barran Good luck trying that one with little ones that have no real sense of identity…….Are they even teaching the new generation st maarten history or even caribbean? Or they still learning about Columbus? lol I’m sorry and sad to say but the kids here a…See More
    • Charles Barran I see the love of money women and bling bling!! Too much american tv too. peace out:)
    • Arlette Lourens If they aren’t teaching them, then it’s left to the parents to do so. Teach our kids not to grow up in ignorance of our history. And if we don’t know our history it’s about time to get on the bandwagon and learn so you could teach…. I know we’ve been teaching ours. They could point put the courthouse long before they learnt it in school.
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    • Alston Alvarino Lourens Actually Caribbean and local history IS now taught in schools!
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