These are the photos of the hillside property that are being disputed, almost by proxy.
The United Peoples Party, has decided to file a class action lawsuit against the National Alliance.
The proxy, is that Theo Heyliger (UP) is threatening to sue William Marlin (NA), in a class action lawsuit, concerning the property, but it seems the only connection to William Marlin and the property, is that Hyacinth Richardson of the National Alliance’s SISTER, might have some type of stake in the property.
It seems to be quite absurd, that Theo Heyliger would actually do this. According to ALL sources, the land is government property, and owned by no-one.
Theo Heyliger cannot start a class action lawsuit against the National Alliance, because somewhere along the line, the sister of a NA member, might be claiming some type of ownership.
This is grasping at straws, Theo, and the people who know how to read between the lines, know just that.
It’s political showmanship, with very little actually being said, or done.
If Theo Heyliger is foolish enough to go along with this class actiona lawsuit, then he will in fact open up himself to retaliatory lawsuits from the National Alliance.
After all, the National Alliance has been a lot of accusations against Theo Heyliger while they were the opposition.
The National Alliance, could then begin class actiona lawsuits against Theo for the Causeway Project, The Harbor Project, The Boardwalk Project etc etc etc………
There’s lots Theo Heyliger has done to upset the people, while he was a member of DP, NA AND UP.
So this means, we the people can get together and file our OWN class action against Theo Heyliger, The Wathey’s and the DP/UP as a whole, for selling out St Maarten in a drunken stupor, for the past 50+ years.
St Maarten is mortgaged to the hilt, and although I’m not a fan of the National Alliance, their term in actual power, has actually been quite short.
What William Marlin needs to be focusing on now, is the fact, that the ONLY LAW OR LEGISLATION PASSED, HAS BEEN “THE PLASTIC BAG LAW”!
St Maarteners should file a class action against the whole government, for not getting anything done in the past two years, because they are too busy bickering and throwing words back and forth.
My queston Theo, is that other than setting up large scale projects, and locking the local contractors out, what have you done for the St Maarten people?
My question to William Marlin is, after all of these decades at railing against the system (DP/UP), why is it, that now that you are in office, we are unable to distinguish between you or your opposition.
Rather than paying tons of money to a bunch of conflicted lawyers, how about you big boys work for the people for a change?
St Maarteners should be able to sue the government, but THEO HEYLIGER would have to be ONE of the DEFENDANTS!
Enjoy the photos
more from Parliament today.
Let’s see if Frans shows up 🙂

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