My name is Yvonne Hodge, my father is the late Walter W Hodge.  I have property on the island that is suppose to be shared with my Aunt Cynthia Lake and I am being railroaded by her, her lawyer and the Baliff I only know the Baliff by tall boy.  There was a house behind my fathers building that belonged to my Aunt the late Rosaline Dossett which was sold and monies divided among the family Cynthia Lake which is the aunt that I am to share this property with had bankbooks that belonged to my father which she kept, my sister Cheryl Hodge knew of these bank books and asked me for them when I told her I knew nothing of them she came to St Maarten looking.  She was not happy to know that the property was split between myself and Cynthia and decided to take Cynthia to court for her right ful share.  That was in 2004 we are still in court nothing resolved and all kinds of crooked things are going on to the point where I am afraid for my life to come to the island.  My father owned a gun which I had no knowledge about but because my aunt cynthia and her son Melvin want me out of the picture they called the police and told them I had weapons in my home I had no idea there was a weapon there I had my two children there and the police came into the home and went exactly where she told them the gun was, no one knew that was there but her.  I was so scared and so were my children, now my cousin Jules Carty is there looking after the place with my permission and he is being harrassed by the police because of Tall boy the baliff and Cynthia Lake’s lawyer.  She has fake papers that all of them are making up scaring the tenants and telling them if they dont pay the money to her lawyer they will seize their bankbooks and put them out on the street.  Tonight police along with Tall Boy the Baliff came looking for my cousin saying there were only four people living on the property when that is a lie.  They said they want to break into my apartment because there is a gun in the home, and if there is one there the only person put it there is Melvin Lake.  This has got to stop what Judge keeps a case ongoing for 8 years with no type of reason to keep it going.  Maduro who I found out now is not a lawyer took money from me stating that he is helping me and he was not I am in the states he claimed that he went to Curaco to the court of first instance and asked me to send him all this money which I did he said it was not in time and the court closed the case.  Well he turned around and took me to court and the court found out his brother should not have been practicing law and threw the case out so if that case was thrown out why am I still in court with Cynthia Lake, why is her lawyer Bell estorting money from the tenants.  Cynthia claims I owe her $22,000 she has this paper that her lawyer drew up with an account number on it and her name and mine stating we are both getting money from this.  I am not receiving any money from this account I dont know the account number and she has been collecting money to this account for couple years now.  To get back to my aunt rosaline’s house that was sold, Cynthia is angry because when the house was sold she did not get any of the money and that is because my father had a bank book that contained all the rent he picked up from my aunts property which Cynthia never turned over to the family so she kept the bankbook and that was her share of the house.  When I started fixing up my fathers place Cynthia had money of my father from st maarten as well as Anguilla she did not give me or my sister anything and the money in st maarten bank was suppose to be frozen until the court case was settled whom ever Cynthia paid off unfroze the accounts and my sister and I did not get any of the money that was there one bank was rbtt, windward island bank was another and a bank called ccb in anguilla if you check them you will see Cynthia took all the money out.  Like I said I fixed up my fathers place and her knowing that he had this money made me take out a loan, the judge made her pay the loan back because he said my father had the money and she was keeping all the money to herself that was the 22,000 that she says I owe her, well she has taken more than that and now she wants the whole place.  I have a notarized letter from GIjsbertha Office stating that I am the Executrix and Administrix of my fathers estate and I should be the one doing everything until the case is over well Tall Boy the Baliff is going around threatening and scaring the tenants to pay Cynthia and this is not right.  I dont know who I am sending this letter to but I hope you can look into this for me.  I started with a new Lawyer Mr Koster, Tall Boy has even gone to him, God knows what he said to that man, He was being paid when ever my cousin Jules could pick up rent from the tenants but Tall Boy comes around intimidating the tenants with letters from Cynthia Lawyer and then he tells my cousin Jules its a first come first serve whoever has the money is that how St Maarten is run on bribes and threats because I have never been so humiliated.  I will get the attention of someone because I have made many copies of this letter I have papers to prove and back up what I am sending and I will email the whole St Maarten even the news until I get Justice this is so unfair.  If I was dishonest and a cheat you are telling me I wouldnt be in this predicament?  OR like Tallboy said I am an American I dont deserve this well Cynthia Lake was born in America too as well as my father Walter W Hodge so who is he to say I dont deserve what was left for me!!!

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