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Dear fellow Patriots and Facebook friends, it is with great pleasure I address you today. All people are welcome to join my page. But as a friend that cares about people I will like to give you some advice. Facebook is a social network that if use wisely can bring positive changes to mankind in general and to StMaarten/StMartin. I have notice many people are posting images of private parts of their body on Facebook and other images of their personal life which I think is not wise to do. I hope you do realize that the world is watching. As a StMaartener I use it specifically to educate people about our native StMaarten people and events about StMaarten with the intention of people loving their country and for us to foster harmony among our native and all people living in StMaarten. As a StMaartener I choose my time to promote nation building of StMaarten/StMartin and love of country which we know is desperately needed in StMaarten. Please do not be offended I am not a lover of games like Farmville etc. Feel free to join my page and contact me as you wish. It will make me very happy if all people especially people living in StMaarten that are friends on my page use Facebook and my page to do social networking of positive contribution to the StMaarten society and mankind. I believe we can use Facebook in a much more positive manner than we are doing now, however I respect your freewill to use it as you please and no matter if I agree or disagree you all is more than welcome to be my friends which I appreciate very much. The conclusion is for you all to use Facebook in a positive manner as much as possible and not just to show body parts and play games. Let’s use it more as an educational tool that we can learn from each other.
Yours truly
The Patriot Miguel Arrindell and I approve this

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