Historical Rights Native Indigenous St. Martiners worldwide must be recognized in their Homeland as described in U.N. declarations concerning Post-Colonial rights of Native People.

It was on Sunday evening August 9th , 1992 at approximately 9:45pm during a live music concert at the Great Bay Sports Auditorium by the renowned South African International Artist: Lucky Dube, when suddenly panic broke out, in the midst of his people our beloved “Mr. Speaker” had succumbed to a heart attack and departed the arthly realm to join his ancestors in the Spirit World.

We as dignified people and all who love St Martin and its Native People are commemorating on this blessed day April 11th, 2012 the 100th anniversary of the birthday of a National Hero:

born on April 11th, 1912 on the damily land on Marigot Hill of his grandfather: James Priest, who was born in 1848 the yar slavery was abolished for the northern part of the island.
We are commemorating a national hero who during his lifespan on earth was connected in true spirit to the universal message of Love – Peace – Unity, “Amor – Universal – Spiritual” as sent millenia’s ago by our ancestors, a scattered ancient priesthood originating in Greater North-East Africa of which the extended Priest family on St. Martin is an all but forgotten remnant of the African – Jewish – Diaspora.
It’s imperative that as a dignified St. Martin People in the months to follow do some serious soul searching and reflection on our present state of union, as being a non-recognized, re-colonized people, reduced to a native minority in our homeland, struggling to maintain our dignity  and God given right of self determination to finalize our spiritual, mental, cultural,  social, economic and constitutional emancipation processed towards sovereignity of unified St. Martin Republic:
                                               “ONE PEOPLE – ONE ISLAND ONE DESTINY”

There are about 60.000 native – indigenous St. Martiners worldwide, including the over 15,000 who are presently residing in their homeland St. Martin (North and South); a 37 sq. miles Caribbean island with a total population of 100,000.

By definition a native- indigenous St. Martiner is an individual of any race, cred, religion or nationality born in any part of the world, who can trace his or her family tree, blood lineage, heritage, identity and prescriptive land rights back to the post- slavery historical period between 1848 and 1963 in North and South St. Martin. Yours truly a first generation born Aruban, son of the late James Theophilus Priest, born on Marigot Hill and son of the late Antonia Gertrude Priest – Remou, bo”ONE TETE LOKAH,” related and connected to over 40 St. Martin families of heritage North and South. Just to name a few: THE….

would like to make use of this commemoration of a St. martin National hero to convey a message to the powers that be on St. Martin North and South that we as a dignified St. Martin People expect nothing less on July 1st, 2012, that the historical rights of the native- indigenous St. Martin People be recognized in a unified session of both administrations presently representing
the Northern and Southern of St. Martin.
Our homelands described in the United Nations (UN) declarations concerning the post-colonizing rights of Native People.
Yours Truly,
Theophilus Fernando Priest
President Historical Marigot Hill Rd.
Heritage Foundation


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