We were contacted, and chose not to print what was said, but no one contacted us directly.

Someone emailed that the killer of Amador Jones was a local youth, that occassionally faked a Jamaican accent.

They said that he bragged of other killings, and that he did not want to enter prison, without having a couple of kill notches on his belt. I of course am paraphrasing.

Because when they wrote their little piece, they wrote it in a combination St Maarten/Jamaican patois, so I’ll just write the standard English version of it.

They said that they had been involved in previous killing, including the murder of a security guard.

They also claim that the drive by shoot out at Dutch Quarter two days ago, was retaliation…but they miss..

The Shootout that began in Dutch Quarter ( and we had received info that there would be a retaliation in Dutch Quarter), and ended with the assailants setting the SUV on fire, according to the source, is just basic retaliation……but they missed.

So there you have it. Hope we don’t get accused of hampering the case. This is what OUR sources sent to us, but we were not contacted directly by “the killer”.

We do have more information, that we cannot disclose, less they accuse us once again of hampering the case.


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