If these foreigners who are getting chunks of money from funding agencies such as USONA can’t cover what’s really going on in

St Maarten, because like the Daily Herald editor told me, they felt “threatened” and “intimidated”, then maybe it’s time to let the locals do the real job of writing, because right now Daily Herald, you are an embarrasment, and you are doing a disservice to St Maarten, and the St Maarteners, because not only do you conceal the crimes that are really being committed, you are clearly NOT doing your job, but receiving TONS of money for it.

Name ONE true journalist, that the Daily Herald has on their staff, and send me a sample of something that they have written.

St Maarteners are allowing these foreigners to get away with concealing the truth, warping the fact, and printing out and out lies, and know one it seems knows what to do about it.

Lot’s of talk about revolution on the net.


Everybody wants to go to heaven, but NOBODY wants to die.

Rather than talk about it, just do it.

All the time spent talking………………

you could be doing,

and St Maarten will never be restored to its original splendor, until you systematically eliminate all of these corrupt forces, from the press, the government to the police department.

You cannot complain

when you condone and enable the shame!


  1. It’s a shame when the rug has been sold out from under you, by your own elected officials to boot. I’m certainly seeing a trend in the greed department wherever you happen to be. Sign of the times my friend,…Just another sign of times….


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