If owning a gun is illegal in St Maarten, why is Roland Duncan, Minister of Justice allowed to have one?

Is that the reason why he’s trying to enact legislation, absolving anyone in government of ANY crime?

Is that the reason why he’s trying to put his new gun legislation on the fast track  WITHOUT parliaments approval?

The Crime task force is against this new law, and who would know better than the people out on the streets fighting violent crimes?

So let’s say that the police in St Maarten, for whatever reason found a gun on Roland Duncan,

anyone else would go to jail….

Do you think that they would arrest him, or send him on his merry way WITH his gun?

How are we supposed to respect the police dept, when whether it’s a crime or not, depends on who the person is.

Who knows more about what’s going on than the Crime Task Force?

Why does Roland Duncan feel the need to rush this law, with or without Parliament?

Doesn’t Roland Duncan believe that the St Maarteners deserve the right to decide, whether you’re going to import thousands of more guns, when apparently there are already thousands of illegal guns on the street that need to be cleaned up?

Why hasn’t Roland Duncan first tackled the problem of cracking down on these illegal guns, before enacting legislation to add even more guns to the mix.

I speak with a lot of pro -gun activists, the sane kind………..and I know what they’re getting at.

But one person was shot and killed on Saturday.

If the victim who had been shot and killed, had had his own gun, and there had been a shoot out,

you best believe, that there would have been more casualities, and innnocent people getting hurt.

And if he did have a gun as protection, well then the fact that he is now the victim, pretty much defeats your point.

If he DID have a gun…..how did it protect him?

Men believe that because I’m female, that I’m writing with emotions.

I’ve shot more weapons on a gun range, than half of these cops.

Every variety, every kind, with a couple of twins, one was a Missouri cop, and the other one was Military.

And they had an arsenal!

They also had about 40 acres in the mountain, so we would all go up and shoot at targets for hours, with NO ONE for miles around.

And they also hunt, deer and ugh, like wild animals.

Most countries like the USA has the right to bare arms, so that they can HUNT!

There are only humans to hunt in St Maarten.


  1. I just hear that Atlantis Casino was held up. And something vague about 15 gamblers taken outside as human shields? Or hostages, I don’t know do not spread this before confirmation.


  2. I stand by you concerning R. Duncan. If he has a gun he may have obtained a permit long ago or recently. If he does not yet have one he wants to get one fast.
    Is it the stolen weapons from the container why he wants a gun suddenly. He thinks: They come shooting soon, lemmy take a few out myself, in the name of Justice”…
    So there is a motive for his future deaths.
    Any man of statue has killed a few. To be a member of the Skull and Bones, or to be a Zionist means you must kill as many and get promoted on it, or enslave everybody with fear of death.


    • it was his driver who hit that child over the weekend the corrupt officer who was fired, and then put in jail, and then rehired by the minister of justice hit that child
      and the “legitimate” press, straight stealing from my blogs, no sources cited, nothing. it’s going to be a fun day!


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