WHY ST MAARTEN HAS ISSUES WITH THE BUDGET….more email proof from YOUR government!


 It is important to take note that the budget below only reflects the highest costs that are known presently, that will cover the entire program for 3 month’s. We have

negotiated a discount on all proposals and enlisted support of all the companies involved to contribute their share to the constitutional change process. (Only the University still has to offer lower their prices).

One has to take note that this 3-month program will cover costs of only the main media mentioned below. However the intention is to send information to all media on the island, including the ones that are not paid, with the request to place the information at their convenience.

To complete the budget we still need quotations for:


The Billboards ·

Ian Valz; costs of scriptwriting; directing and costs of actors.·

PJD2 Radio: voice of Sint MaartenIf not available on a timely basis we will proceed with the advice to the Exco. Council in the meantime.





(January through March 2008

 In US dollar1. Ruby Louis: Frame design & new text insertions & distribution to all media $ 500,–

2. Publication costs: bi-monthly publication of Daily Herald 7 x US 205,– 1.435,–

3. Publication costs of

“ Today” 7 x US 84,– 588,– 

4. * a.) AVS 60 seconds spots (3 times a week; after headlines at US$ 60, — per spot

Per month: 720. Per 3 month’

s 2.160,–5. 60 seconds Public announcement for radio =

A. Set of 4 radio stations: * Laser 101.fm; Oasis 96.3; Tropixx 105.5; Mix 94.7

2 x a day, at 8:00 am & 6:00 pm; per month: 1.680,00; 3 month’s = 5.040,–

B. Radio Soualiga

: 8 times a day; 7 days a week; 300,– per month; per 3month’s 900,– 


SUB TOTAL US $ 10.623,–

SUB TOTAL US $ 10.623,–

6. *b) Forums with USM;

– 2 forums with live call from audience: themes: * the constitution and

* What does new country SXM offers its citizens?; costs per forum; including

Marketing by the university 17,793 x2 = 35.586,– * Forum without live transmission: New Ministries of Country SXM; including

Marketing USM 7.793,–

7. D & B advisors costs (7.600 per month x 3)= 22.800 : 1.8 = 12.667,–

8. (Miscellaneous costs) Answering recorder and tape,

Internet loading costs; copies available at BCA 1.000,–


US $ 67.669,–

* a. On the GIS- slot in the afternoon it will be played for free.

* b. Prices will be renegotiated.

* Only 2

live transmissions : “Our new Constitution & . “New country organization based on ministries” will not be transmitted  




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