To: National Bank of Anguilla Ltd.

att. Mr. E. Valentine Banks

Per fax: +.264.497 8139 and/or

Per e-mail: evalbanks@nba.ai


Sint Maarten, June 29 2006


Dear Mr. Banks,

It has been a long while that we have been in touch with each other. However, I expect that everything go well in Anguilla!

By means of this letter I want to confirm to you that Mr. Julian Rollocks has currently entered into the final stages of obtaining a planning permit from the Island Government of Sint Maarten that will allow him the projected subdivision of the property at Spring Garden. This process has taken much longer than anticipated. But, finally, we can move forward with the sales of the lots.

Concurrently, the Sint Maarten Housing Finance Foundation has already initiated the analysis of the registered persons on the waiting list to identify the 13 most adequate candidates to obtain a mortgage loan from the foundation for the purchase of a piece of property and for the construction of their own home.

This means that within the next 30-60 days we should expect that the purchase of the greater parts of the property have been concluded.

In confidence of having informed you sufficiently, I remain,



Yours sincerely,



Michael G.L.B. Fowler


Sint Maarten Housing Finance Foundation

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