As St Maarten continues to re-appoint its most corrupt elements back into office, many St Maarteners have simply given up.

I have my own style of writing, and not everyone agrees with it.

New bloggers will be added however, and that should give you more diverse blogs, and different perspective.

I’ve already added other blogs to sxmpolitico to get better perspectives, and I do intend to continue to have others have their say on the site.

Anyone who took offense to anything blogged today,

Hey….don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’,

you were the furthest from my mind, until you figured that you could sneak a dig in.

And by the way, I am also one of your friends are your Personal Facebook account,

I guess you’ll just have to figure out who.

And I noticed that you did a nice cleaning job, on your site.

Locked it down 🙂

but there’s always a back door.

tot morgen


  1. Difficult to read the Google translation of the Brinkman Report. Can’t I get a better one in good caribbean english?


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