baby you're a firework! make 'em go "oh!" "oh!" "oh!"
Theo Heyliger 24 November 2009 at 07:20      Report
Well hello Christine my message to you was not one of strategy but one of understanding. With regards to Stuart I wish him all the best. I supported Stuart when I was with the DP. Stuart attacks me looking for mileage. Again I wish him success. Again I only want to know what issues affect your vieuw of me. No I am not sitting and taking it easy I never beleived in the federal gov’t and I don’t run for running sake. Would still like to continue our conversations. I am not asking for your support only trying to understand your issues.
Christine Pantophlet 24 November 2009 at 07:48
My issue with you is that you support Brooks, which is a bad thing for St Maarten and me.
I work online, you support Brooks, Brooks doesn’t believe in Fibre Optics, which I need in order to work efficiently. Whenever Electricity goes off, I risk damaging my equipment. So he’s on my shit list.
I’m not sure what the population of St Maarten is, but I have over 75.000 subscribers/25 blogs, 65 Youtube channels with over 80 million hits, my facebook alones over 20.000 “friends” world wide (just 5000 in St Maarten) and my sites bring in over 200.000 hits a day.
So what I’m gonna do, is continue pooling and linking my hundreds of blogs and sites. And because I have the gift of being able to type over 6000 words a day, I will spend as much as 18 hours a day letting St Maarten and the world know my dissatisfaction, with it’s politicians and policies.
Like I said, you’re not a specific target, just in the dragnet.
If you doubt what I’m saying, send me a link, picture, video anything, and I’ll get it to over 50.000 people in less than an hour.
Brooks utter stupidity fucks with my money, and that’s my motivation right there.
It’s what I do and I’m good at it.
I have to political affiliation and frankly I can’t see myself voting for the DP or the NA.
DP are fucking stupid, and Na is just not the ones.
I actually like you, therefore I have not really gone after you.
It’s not something I intend to do
and we can leave it at that
and no I don’t know brooks personally, but i don’t care
that retard has to go.
Theo Heyliger 24 November 2009 at 09:31      Report
Sorry, my reception does not work so well in Guana Bay. May I say that I am impressed with your resume. PLEASE can we meet to discuss possibilities ?
Christine Pantophlet 25 November 2009 at 06:23
I have no illusions about who you or your family are.
I wouldn’t encourage you to have any illusions about me.
I have a lot of transcribing to do, lots of info to be uploaded.
You’re a smart boy, you’ll figure out who I am, if you haven’t already.
I don’t have the time to be pumping sunshine up anybody’s ass,
and I’m not going to say yea or nae, until I have a full assessment of the entire situation.
I would encourage you to stay tuned, and not to interfere
I would hate to have to leave St Maarten to blog effectively.
enjoy the Facebook discussions
head over to the Facebook site: AD LOFTM, SEND A FRIEND INVITE
and stay in touch
Christine Pantophlet 02 December 2009 at 01:17

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