The “Today” newspaper reported on  Thursday December 30th 2010, that a tourist had been shot in Philipsburg. At the top left hand corner, there’s a picture of a man apparently bleeding in the streets. Then peruse a little further, and at the bottom right hand cover is an article stating that Minister of whatever Roland Duncan plans to relax St Maarten’s stringent anti-gun laws.

Is this yet another example of foolishness in the new St Maarten government? It’s like the teacher left the class room, and left a student in charge. After awhile the student, consumed by power, becomes a dictator. Now he really believes that he IS the teacher. The next thing you know, there’ll be new class rules (laws), arbritary punishments………….

By the time the teacher (Netherlands) gets back to the classroom, she’ll be dealing with Mugabe or Pinochet, a monster gone mad.

This is what seems to be happening to the St Maarten government, there is an actual word for it in St Maarten, it’s called glad-frighten. It’s what happened to the National Alliance, and it’s what killed them.

Right now St Maartener’s who feel like shooting someone, usually have to head to St Kitts, where their laws are more relaxed.By the time they head back to St Maarten again, they’ve had a cooling off period, and might want to rethink their plans. Now the government’s new plan is to deliver these guns to St Maarten.

 With police cooperation? Let’s see how the St Maarten police feels, when they start being treated like American police. Kick in a door to make a bust, and there’s someone waiting with a gun to shoot it out.  American police get shot in the face daily, simply by knocking on a door.

It’s a great idea until someone has to clean up their childs blood splatter. People it is a proven fact: you are more likely to hurt/kill yourself or someone in your home accidently with a gun, than you would catch a robber.

The Data proves that more guns kill family and friends accidently than they do “robbers”.

So how dare I compare St Maarten to the United States?

Because it’s happened before, and that’s where we’re headed.

I was a student at the Sister Magda school, when “S” shot “R” in Saunders. These kids were in the second or third grade. The next day “R” was still in the hospital, but “S” was in school, and we all asked her what had happened. She said basically that her dad had forgotten his firearm on the table, and she had been trying to show “R” how to use it.

For carnival I saw “R” with her kids, who are older now than she was when she got shot. It actually occured to me, if the gun had been aimed a few inches higher, neither her nor her kids would have been there celebrating carnival.

This is a new year, and I have new resolutions. I’m abiding by my no cigarette resolution, that has been difficult, but I’m doing well. I also resolved that I would attempt not to trash the St Maartn government, and call them names, but they make it so easy.

I will resolve to stop using further colorful, unnecessary descriptions of the St Maarten government, but I will continue to call it as I see it.

Just because somewhere wears glasses, and reads the occassional book doesn’t mean that he should be followed blindly. I mean really I was listening to that radio program with the head guru in charge of constitutional affairs, and he kept saying the word “adapt” instead of “amend’.

First off, St Maarten politicians/government….pick a language, and LEARN it correctly! All of these government officials claiming to be multi-lingual, but they speak zero languages well. If you think that you speak DUTCH well, then ask a real Dutchman, I’m sure that he would be less than impressed by your skills.  I was sitting in a public place, listening to this man, and everytime he said “adapt” I cringed. Because if you are a lawyer, and you choose to speak on the radio, then make sure that your Roget’s thesaurus is laid out in front of you.

I do make typos and errors occassionally, but really I post to about seven blogs daily, so I type closed to 10.000 words per day on average, so there will be errors, but then I’ve never claimed to be an expert on anything other than “Steely Dan” music.

Politicians continue to get away with this nonsense because we let them.


On to the next. We debuted with 200 hits on December 29th, but today is our official debut, I checked this mornings stats, and we’re already passed a hundred.


We posted our little intro ad to six different Youtube channels yesterday and………..

over 10.000 people saw our ad overnight, 3000 at nokturna9 alone!

biggups to the rebels

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