DP Board Meeting

May 18, 2010

Status: Extra-ordinary Board meeting


M. Ferrier, J. Rollocks, L.York, S. Johnson, R. Emmanuel, S. Wescot and M. Buncamper

Agenda points as proposed by M. Ferrier





Role of the Board



Commitment of individual board members to the cause.



Open Floor



ClosingAs explained in his email, the President had invited the elected representatives of the Party, 2 being already part of the Board and L. de Weever being off-island.

The immediate reason for the meeting being the resignation of board member Thompson by email (known to all) and board member (V.P) Johnson making his position available, also by email and known to all.


A brief discussion about possible reasons for Thompson’s decision followed, including the follow-up dis

cussion the Party leader had with him, with the conclusion by those present that a personal visit to be paid to Orville by a small delegation of the Party.The VP then had the opportunity to motivate his decision and explain the issues he wrote in his email.

After a lengthy discussion, it was concluded that the meetings of the Party, which are commonly held with the larger party council and less structured in nature, usurps the responsibility of the board, leaving it unclear what the conclusions and decisions of the Board of the Party are on different matters.

The hierarchy of the Party is clear in terms of Board, Council, and General Membership with at the head the Party Leader.

When board meetings are kept, minutes are usually not made with the result that often times the same issues are repeated meeting after meeting, and decisions are not recorded. All in all the effectiveness of the board is seriously hampered and members have no reference to discussions and decisions made.

The attendance of board members remains a concern.

At this meeting, contact was made with member MW, who had forgotten; Treasures RM texted his apology during the meeting, after subsequent contact with member LB revealed she too had forgotten and was extremely busy.

Brief reference was made to the youth in general and the CPYP in particular with the Party Leader voicing the opinion that a meeting should be held between the boards of the Party and the CPYP.

The Radio program was also discussed and there are differing opinions on the effectiveness, the target audience and the time.

Much attention was paid to the strategy towards the press, given the prominence that the matter received in the press.

It was decided that a short release would be issued by the President in collaboration with the Leader the following day.


It was decided that VP Johnson would respond to the email of the Party leader; subsequently the Board would officially handle the VP’s “disposition” email and another attempt would be made to get clarity from those board

members who seem not interested in their position on the board because of a total lack of communication and non-attendance from their sides.

Attention was asked for the taking of minutes of board meetings. Whether that is part of the function of the SG or act.SG was not clear. It is generally felt that this is not the case, which led to the proposal for this minute-taking to be done rotatingly.

Once this clear, the decision will be made whether to have elections for these positions on the Board.

It was decided to have a quick follow-up to this meeting, taking into account the organizational issues the Board is confronted with as brought up by members.

A tentative schedule of board meetings will be made for the coming months. In as much as possible, Board and Council meetings will follow on the same date. As customary, for issues requiring urgent attention of the Board, urgent meetings can be called or requested by board members.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 PM.

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