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  • From: Linda Richardson (edudept_lar@yahoo.com)
    Sent: Tue 2/05/08 3:32 AM
    To: Julian Rollocks (julianrollocks@hotmail.com)
    Dear cous

    I tried calling you last evening, but no success.
    Did you get my message I left at message center from the hotel?

    In the meantime, I emailed Sarah this morning and I am hereby forwarding this email and 2 other ones to you to give you an understanding of what is going on.

    What about you coming up to mediate or even serve on the Board.
    You would understand that this situation is very stressful and not good for me.
    I have therefore contracted  a lawyer which is also costing me money.
    Moreover, as i indicated i do not want to persecute the foundation I co-established with the commissioner. Nor do I want to get damages paid out to me with money meant for the students of st. maarten.

    Will try again today to speak to you.
    thanks for your support

    Linda Richardson <edudept_lar@yahoo.com> wrote:

    Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 23:42:49 -0800 (PST)
    From: Linda Richardson <edudept_lar@yahoo.com>
    Subject: Updates S4 Board (1)
    To: Commissioner Wescot-Williams

    Dear Comed,

    Last Sunday, I tried to call you to discuss a number of issues that  require your attention. Regrettably, I did not get you so I am hereby noting these matters down, which I will be sending in several emails

    1) Wanted to discuss draft letter I sent you last week regarding working visit of Calvin and Angelique. Will be mailing the letter today and would appreciate receiving a decision on this as soon as possible.
    S4 urgently needs the support and assistance and is willing to contribute to the travel and stay.
    This would be cheaper than contracting a management company (owned by Curacao friends of Boardmember) to handle this job. This would be costly and time-consuming. I just learned that during my absence this person who is also to serve on the Board was brought into the office and reviewed data-base.

    2) In a former email, you indicated you were considering involving an independent person to mediate in the conflict situation between me and the Board.
    I also understood from Mavis Brooks that she was approached to mediate and afterwards dropped and that you preferred to send an agency to mediate.

    As I indicated before, I was not aware that there was such a serious crisis to warrant a mediator, since I never received a copy of the letter sent by the Board to the Government of St. Maarten with the complaint, nor did the Board ever meet with me to discuss any difference of opinion, despite my request for a meeting. During that meeting I wanted to discuss functioning of the Board and the division of competencies between the Board and the Director. These issues could have been settled within a meeting. Instead Molenaar resigned (deliberately forcing a crisis situation) and contacted St. Maarten without informing me or discussing any thing with me. When I contacted him after his resignation, he indicated that he was upset with St. Maarten and particularly the service agreement that he did not want to sign.

    You may recall, that in my memo to the Board that supposedly led to Molenaar resignation, I pointed out that:
    a) since Henri Brookson left (june 2006) the Board does not have a chairperson (therefore operating illegally according to Statutes).
    b) No board can consist of only 2 persons and make decisions (Brenda and Peter did). They did not involve the other 2 persons on the Board and eventually they forced them to resign. I asked the other 2 Board members to stay on in the interest of S4 and they did, but seemingly they are intimidated and still not always involved.
    c) Minutes of Board meetings are hardly ever kept and commitments made are not documented. For example, in discussions with Brenda and especially Peter, it was agreed that once my contract with Government is expired, the Board will employ me since here in Holland, retirement age is 65 and because of my experience and the good work being done which was also expressed in the letter sent to the EXCO in April 2007.
    Before Brookson left he handed over to Brenda, files with minutes of meetings he took when he was secretary to the board as well as those of meetings he chaired. I am not aware where those meetings are.
    d) Too often I have had to take decisions without any directives or policies of he Board due to the malfunctioning of the Board

    Matters not mentioned in memo which are also critical:
    e) Since Peter returned from his 5 months holidays beginning October, the Board (he and Brenda) have been holding meetings outside of the office and without the director. No minutes of these meetings.
    f) The daily communication between the Board (Brenda) and Sorton, (her cousin) is undermining for the functioning of the Director. Besides, some financial transactions are made by him upon her requests without informing the Director.
    I addressed this matter with sorton and his reply was that he was acting upon instruction of the board. (in a report I will further elaborate on this)

    In my opinion at this point no mediator is really necessary. Rather, competent, professional  persons with Board experience and integrity should be appointed to the Board immediately for it to be able to function and to change the manner in which it is operating now. Matters are taking place that are not acceptable. It is also of urgent importance that a treasurer be appointed immediately.
    In a following email, I will send you names of persons to serve on the Board.

    However, in the event you decide that a mediator is in place. I would suggest Mr. Jacques Veeris or Mr. Candelaria

    both have experience of serving on a Board.
     I think however, that time is crucial and that decisions are being taken primarily by Brenda that may not be in the interest of S4.

    I would have considered Mr. Erwin Arkenbout. However, Peter contacted him after his resignation to assist S4. As far as I understand, he is now an advisor to Brenda and during my absence in January, he accompanied the Board, reps of recruitment agency and management agency to S4 office where they reviewed the operations and met with staff, during which meeting my person was discussed negatively and the recruitment and the appointment of a new Director per April 1, 2008.

    In a subsequent email. I will elaborate on the latter.

    Be blessed

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