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Hey Sweetie – downloaded my pictures from SXM vacation. see enclosed



  1. Like many other posts on here with a link…there is nothing to see. Always get the message: “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”.


    • can you send an example, i know that there is an issue with the tags,
      i’m working on the tags, if you click on a name, and nothing comes up, that’s a tag issue, so i’m actually working on that. when in comes to links, if you are trying to click on a link in an email, of course it will click invalid, because you are reading the COPY of the email, the only way that you can click on a link in an email, and access it, is if you actually have that email account open on your computer. Other than that I haven’t heard any complaints.
      1) tags will be corrected, but there are over 500 blogs, so you have to bare with me.
      2) i’m not at sxmgovernment a lot, so since you are at that site more than i am, let me know if something doesn’t work
      3) you cannot access links in emails, unless you have access to that email account.
      thanks and let me know about anything else


  2. Thanks! I must be more clear. I noticed that in many posts it is (or I am) not possible to open the attachements. When you click on them, a new empty page appeares with the message: “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”.


    • that’s because you’re trying to open the attachments in an email, so what you’re seeing is a cached copy of the email, you cannot open those attachments, in order to view the files in those attachments you have to go to to see the attached files open.
      there are a lot of attachments with files to be uploaded so I will just note what emails and attachments the files are coming from on the wickedlicks post
      hope that makes sense


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