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dateSun, Feb 22, 2009 at 9:59 AM
subjectRe: Want to Get Noticed by Other Singles?

maria buncamper versus louiose laveist. is it colour or class????
some are now rejoicing with the fall of comm. luise lavesit.from all indications i dont think maria buncamper is crying.after all it is said that she is friends with the prosecutor(s), with whom she had talks with over dinner about the “man of action”.the question in the public’s mind and mouth is why louise and not maria buncamper molanus
prosecutor as a citizen i see wrong as wrong and right as right.This no matter colour, race or religion.Maria is involved in a blatant conflict of intrest and still refuses to risign.Look at chicago politicians…..The motive is clear. This stands to benefit herself, her husband and her friends.There are so many rumours about this commissioner.The public needs clarification on the multiple buslicenses operating fore her.The almost 5000 square meter land parcel she took from the trucker mardenboro.i can imagine moses still wants his land back.The block company pays good land rent for this parcel.wat about the involvement in the security company. Many of this company vehicles have up to recently been parked in her yard in saunders.the trustcompanies activities. some questionable at the least. We should be happy the justice system is looking into the activities of these companies. watch out maria, its only a matter of time.Commisioiner buncamper tell us about the 1000 square meters close to the new goverment building. And dont forget wwhile the buncampers  own half of point blanche, you still got a chunk of govermnent land for yourself in pointblanch.
Commiussioner what is hard to understand is the limitles greed. you still want a piece down on the ponfill.
please leave some for we the people, and stop blackmailing the goverment for more and more.
maria you cant sit there pretending all kind of nice things and not explaine us about all this. is it not true. do you want the documents? with your friends in high places you did a nice one on louise laveist. poor louis…
laveist should not be out here alone. you are also guilty of defrauding the publics trust. or not? you talk alot . Everyday “”smiling”” in the papers. time will tell.Laveist you too should have been more careful./
if you think the public aint seeing  strait trough you maria. keep smiling.
elections coming again, and the public will give you a message. so keep putting land in you and your families name.
By the way maria, you will never be a Sarah, nor a Theo. next time i will tell you why???.
mr prosecutor, all what was  mentioned here is based on facts, and the abuse of political power.
do look into this conflict of intrest and more to come.
i like justice for all.
Gylkes Leonard.

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