Dear DP Board:
I added the email addresses which I took off the list Ramona sent us and corrected Lourdes’ cell number.
Now that we all have each other’s contact information, the work can start in earnest!
First order of business: On Friday July 24th there will be the annual wreath laying ceremony honoring the late Dr. Claude Wathey. The ceremony is not too long and planned from 9 AM to 9:30 AM. If you read the Herald on Monday, you saw that Brenda Wathey ( Secretary of the Dr. A.C. Wathey Foundation for Political Awareness) announced the ceremony. The second part of the article was dedicated to Theo. So by doing this they (the new party) are showing their hand in that they will try to steal the DP’s “thunder” whenever they can. The DP has initiated this event in 1999 and since then organized this ceremony every year.
In consultation with our Party Leader, a Press Release was made up today and sent to all the media houses (see attached). We know that Theo and his family will be there and it is important that as many DP supporters are on hand, to make an impact with our red shirts. It would be great if we can have in attendance 30 or more DP members (DRESSED IN RED SHIRTS OR BLOUSES so everyone knows that DP is in the house).
Secondly: although it is extremely late notice (and I DO apologize, I was off island most of last week through yesterday, Monday 7/20), I wonder if I can ask for us to convene our first Board meeting on Thursday July 23rd. I was hoping for us to be able to get together just after work, so either 5:30, 6:00 or 6:30 PM and I suggest as 1st choice the conference room at NAPA on the Orange Grove Road in Cole Bay, or as 2nd choice, the DP faction office next to the Police Station in Philipsburg.
Of course if this is too short a notice, or you have already committed yourself to something else, I understand and would then like to suggest Saturday morning, say 10:00 AM at NAPA in Cole Bay. However if Thursday evening is possible, we can discuss Friday morning’s wreath laying ceremony, which can become a bit awkward, to say the least!
If at all possible, can everyone get back to me by latest tomorrow afternoon?
Thanks much!

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