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    The following release has been disseminated to the media via Medpro Media Services on behalf of Julian Rollocks. 
    From the Desk of Julian Rollocks
    Radio Program Producer “Strictly Business”
    Cellular Contact: 5522933, 5537580
    Wednesday, January 25, 2006
    SAPP Leader endorses the Democratic Party and Sarah Wescot-Williams
    PHILIPSBURG – Leader of the Serious Alternatives Peoples Party (SAPP) Julian Rollocks, last Sunday during his weekly radio program, “Strictly Business,” broadcast on Radio Station PJD-2, came out publicly during an interview with Leader of the Democratic Party (DP) Sarah Wescot-Williams endorsing the DP party and its leader for the upcoming January 27 parliamentary polls.
    “My endorsement of Sarah Wescot-Williams is based on her persistence and dedication to St. Maarten and its people in seeing that our nation achieves Country Status.   She has done an excellent job, and we are on the verge of getting separate status.  I believe we must keep her there in this election and I am calling on the public to give their confidence and support to Sarah Wescot-Williams.  The process is going in the right direction,” Rollocks stated.
    Rollocks program on Sunday with guest Wescott-Williams touched upon a number of issues such as her background and involvement in politics and her civil servant career of approximately 30-years.
    Wescot-Williams also touched on the allegations of blackmail made by the other parties; and the role of the current Antillean Minister of Constitutional & Interior Affairs Richard Gibson with respect to the constitutional process.
    “I commend Richard Gibson on doing an excellent job in constitutional affairs, I must also acknowledge that he is also a good business man,” Rollocks pointed out.
    Wescot-Williams also elaborated on the contributions of the Democratic Party to the process of St. Maarten becoming an autonomous country by giving a timeline of very important events that took place such as the referendums of Curacao, Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.
    A number of Central Government issues as well as issues related to the Country Status for St. Maarten were discussed such as the judicial system, the Dutch nationality, Central Bank and currency, Gebe, Winair, Central Government employee’s salaries and pensions, and the role of students studying abroad with respect to the Country St. Maarten.
    The Leader of the DP went in-depth on the Central Bank issue where she stated that St. Maarten is prepared to work with the other islands in this area where everyone has equal representation.
    The DP leader emphatically stated with respect to the Central Government employees that no one will go backwards with what they have achieved and worked hard for over the years.
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    Roddy Heyliger
    MedPRO – Communications

  • upcoming campagne…‏

  • 5/02/07
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    Comm.Sarah W.Williams,
    Through this means I would once again like to thank you for the opportunity of working with you and the Democratic Party, and express my enthousiasm for the upcoming elections. It is great to see when people of good will put aside their differences for a common good. We achieved our goal, WE won the elections.
    Commish, when i originaly came on board in January 2006, i expressed my willingnes to contribute and the financial challenges which were at hand.
     Since then several proposals were on the table, of which one is still going through the administration for approval.
    As you know for the lasr 4 months , January to April, i dropped everything else and made THE campagne a fulltime job.
    In the closing of this period, i propose a renumeration of 4 months in accordance with the present contract.
    Do also consider the following proposal:
    Recently miss Ramona Thomas posed the folowing question to me:”What role do i see myself playing in the commisioners’s office, when we win this election”.My response was I would like to be advisor/ consultant to the the commisioner.
    With this letter i am officialy aproaching you with a proposal to play a similar advisor/consulting role in the coming 16 months, leading up to elections 2008. The retainer in the  original proposal, as brought forward by Miss K.C. Forsythe-Labega would be agreeable as this is  in keeping with other consultants which work for government( see enclosed proposal). If necessary the goals, methods and objectives can be ammended to the task at hand.
    Considering the importance of the coming elections, the amount of work and intensity of the work i am looking forward to a meeting with miss R.Thomas you and myself, in the course of May month in order for us to chart the way forward.
    Finaly, comissioner I believe its important for us to formalise this working agreement in order for some others within the party not in any way feel threatened by my participation in the various political activities.
    Commish, COUNTRY SINT.MAARTEN,is going to need all of us. I am here, I am willing and able to make my contribution.
    In closing i am looking forward to our meeting to conclude this agreement so that we can start working on the main agenda.
    Julian Rollocks

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