From: Mireya Ostiana-Wijman (ostianamireya@hotmail.com)
Sent: Tue 1/20/09 3:22 AM
To: julianrollocks@hotmail.com
WAUW!!!!!! I knew you were going to be there. That is how good I know you. Last night I told Mr. X that I know for sure you are going to be there!! I am taking the afternoon off just to be home on time to wath every detailof this day. A blackman of allpeople, HE IS GOOD!!!!!! I wish I was tehre too!
No, don’t you worry I am always carefull with these Dutch people. You never know when they can stab you in the back. I get along verry well but I do not eat white meat!!!! Tate toomuch like butter:)
Anyway, my grandma is not doing so wel so I am planning to go down in the next month or so. Willlet you know. My number in Curacao is 516 5344 and here is still 06 106 89824.
I met with Carmen when she was here in November. It was real nice to see her!
Well I know you can do a good “massage”. so give it your best shot. You know what I eman (?)
Hear from you soon and God Bless!!
You exec!
Mireya M. Ostiana-Wijman



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