• Caveat-from leopold JAMES‏

  • 12/Sent: Sunday, December 03, 2006 8:35 AM
    To: Greg arrindell (
    Subject: Caveat-from leopold JAMES
    Dear Mr. Greg ARRINDELL,
    Your kind attention and possible your co-operation in the following would be highly appreciated.
    For some time, Mr. Olivier ARRINDELL, your adopted nephew has been following my every moves and has even intruded my personal sphere, making my people very un-comfortable to say the least
    Yesterday, this gentleman called me on the cellular of my wife, which I never gave him.
    He used extremely foul and threatening language.
    Imagine if my wife herself had answered her own phone.
    This now is a young man, who seizes every opportunity to promote himself as the future political leader of immigrants on St. Maarten and who is reportedly in the process of postulating himself on the list of a well known party on the island.
    Allow me to make it clear that I as a senior- citizen and native St. Martiner who had the privilege to have taught thousands of St. Martin children, do not intend to accept this type of ‘imported behavior’ from your nephew and that I will not be intimidated.
    Clearly, certain immigrants are in the process of transforming St.Martin into the same type of violent societies they fled and which are in constant state of revolt.
    needless to state what will happen to our island, if we allow it to go down the road of Haiti.
    Meanwhile, I intend to contact all the relevant authorities, including the prosecutors-offices to lodge a complaint against this individual in order for him to be warned of any possible consequences for him and those who encourage him as well.
    For the record, let it be known that whatever might happen in the future, this gentleman and his companions should be considered prime suspects.
    Since you know him very well, I kindly but urgently request you to advise him to behave according to the norms, values, laws and lifestyle of the people of this country.
    Drs. Leopold JAMES
    to be forwarded to all relevant stakeholders.


      • I too have had a rather unpleasant internet conversation with this person. In my mind he is not to be trusted. Whilst he is quite savvy when in conversation, his actions are less than professional. Step back and walk away with any dealings.


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