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    To SWW, ‘Maria Buncamper’, ‘Roy Marlin’, ‘Leroy DeWeever’, ‘Julian Rollocks’, ‘Gregory Richardson’
    From: Mike Ferrier (
    Sent: Mon 11/02/09 12:45 PM
    To: SWW (
    Cc: ‘Maria Buncamper’ (; ‘Roy Marlin’ (; ‘Leroy DeWeever’ (; ‘Julian Rollocks’ (; ‘Gregory Richardson’ (


    In the TODAY of today, November 2, 2009 an article headlined “BUNCAMPER-MOLANUS wants Exco to ease tax collection” states that the Democratic Party faction would like to know if the government intends to revisit the current tax collection policy. They quote Maria Buncamper Molanus who seems to have sent out a press statement yesterday on the matter.

    We agreed that all party statements would be vetted by you and I and then released to the media by you or I, especially since almost  every time a DP statement is made public, one or more members of the media call you and/or me for comments on the matter. I would like not to be blindsided by party positions not known by me.

    Maybe Marietje did not get this directive, or it was simply an oversight on her part. Can you confirm this either way?

    On second thought, I will cc her and the other elected officials, as well as key-board members and await a response.

    Michael J. Ferrier

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