From: Jeffrey Richardson <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 11:59:51 +0100
To: Michael Ferrier<>
Subject: RE: Pending issues Election day 2010 MEETING SAT Jan16, 2010

I was speaking to Couch from Colebay and I want to know if it would be possible if we can organize a meet and greet for the candidates under the tree where Couch Barbeques there in Colebay in the corner. He told me he would ensure that the people from Colebay attend and he will have people who would do the Barbequeing. I feel that this is important because we need to capatalize on all the Louie Laveist voters in that area.
All drinks and ingredients for the barbeque would have to be paid by us and if you’re interested I can get you all that has to be done to make the area look presentable and the price list of the ingredients that has to be purchased.
This event would have to be after our meeting in Colebay on Saturday 10.00 am, so we can start sometime between 12.00 pm if we can finish the meeting by then. We can go straigth to the event. Maybe you can have Tony put down some flags around the area.
Let me know if this would work. We did something for the Dominicanos at Franci Bar on Sunday and this will be especially for the St. Maarten people from Colebay and even beyond. This is important so we can inform people that we are also interested in the locals as well if it comes up that we only did a party for the Dominicanos.
I believe also that we should have our candidates and supporters that are willing to assist on Wednesday or Thursday at 5.00 pm next week at the Prins Bernard Bridge giving out flyers to the cars passing in that area so our presence can be seen, ofcourse dressed with our red T-shirts.
If these events can work pls let us know.

C. Jeffrey Richardson

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