Consultants and Administrative Services


Post Office Box 403, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten; 553-7580



Mr. Dennis Richardson/ Ms. Jeannette Hagen

Constitutional Affairs Department

Imperial Building

W.J.A. Nisbeth Road 23


October 29, 2007



Dear Mr. Richardson & Ms. Hagen


B/D Consultants and Administrative Services (B/D), is an organization that has accumulated for years, practical knowledge on our media- , social-, and political culture. Our strength is in the presentation of complicated matters in simple terms, -to the general public-, making it possible for the layman to understand intricate concepts. Therefore we believe our company can contribute to your endeavors of reaching the goals of raising the constitutional consciousness of the general population of our island.

In reference to our discussions held recently, with both Mr. Richardson & Ms. Hagen we hereby offer our services in assisting you with the development of a communication plan, geared towards informing the general public about constitutional issues.

As discussed a media strategy will be worked out in details and we will also assist with the implementation of certain aspects of these plans.

As understood all activities will be carried out in close collaboration and cooperation with your Bureau.

Please find attached a proposed contract for your perusal.

We would like to meet with you to discuss its content; to make any necessary changes and incorporate any suggestions that you might have regarding our offer.




Awaiting your early reply,









Julian Rollocks

Managing Director

B/D Consultants and Administrative Services






The Bureau of Constitutional Affairs (BCA); represented by the Project Director for Constitutional Affairs Mr. Dennis Richardson and the Head of the Department for Constitutional Affairs Dr. Jeannette Hagen,



B/D Consultants and Administrative Services (B/D) established on Sint Maarten and represented by the Managing Director Mr. Julian Rollocks,

hereby establishes the following:

Taking into consideration:

– that BCA will begin with the development and execution of a communication plan on the constitutional change process for a period of 3 months;

– that B/D has practical knowledge and experience with our media-, social -, and political culture; which is needed by BCA for implementing the communication strategy;

Therefore, parties hereby agree to the following:

– BCA will be assisted by B/D in carrying out the following services:

B/D will:

 Directly work with the Project Director and the head of the Department of Constitutional Affairs, on all communication matters.

Advise on how to inform the public at large on the future development of country status of Sint Maarten.

Give advise and direction in all media matters.

Coordinate and adjust the various media projects, as they relate to constitutional affairs.

Monitor and develop media programs relating to the various relevant issues in the general communication area. 


Evaluate and adjust the various challenges that arise in the execution of various media programs.

Be available all times for, guidance and support regarding communication matters.

Monitor the general campaign and advises on necessary changes and modifications.

Translate complicated constitutional issues into layman’s language which will then be transmitted through the media.

Write and rewrite text for the media, making it easier for the audience to understand constitutional issues.

Organize and coordinate all the interviews to be carried out on radio and television and related pre-announcements of programs.

Advice, develop and oversee the production of 16 Public Service Announcements (PSA), of 30 seconds each, of which 12 will be chosen for the communication campaign. Each PSA, will be developed and produced 2 weeks ahead of the period in which it is to be aired.

Develop and oversee the production of 16, 60 seconds TV & Radio spots, of which 12 will be chosen for the communication campaign. Each spot will be developed and produced 2 weeks ahead of the period in which it is to be aired.

Develop text, design and oversee bi-monthly changes on the Billboard outside of the Constitutional building.

Produce all press releases of BCA activities to the media.

Send weekly notices of upcoming events to the media.

Coordinate all media activities in conjunction with the Government Information Services.

Adhere to all deadlines set in conjunction with BCA.

Assist BCA from time to time in any other matters that BCA may consider necessary for the implementation of the communication plan on constitutional changes.

The duration of this contract is for 3 month’s and begins November 1st 2007 – and ends on January 31st 2008.

The evaluation of tasks performed by B/D will be scheduled take place on bi-monthly bases, at the offices of BCA with both parties involved.

B/D will execute all services stated above for the fixed amount of Nafls. 1.200,– per day; for a maximum of 8 days per month which amounts to the total equivalent of Nafls. 9.600,– per month.

B/D will submit on monthly bases, invoices with specification of tasks completed.

B/D guarantees that consistent and high quality services will be provided on continuous bases.

Termination of this contract may occur without legal procedures if in the event one of the parties desires to do such. However the other party should at least be given 2 weeks notice.



Signed on ………………………………..2007 at Philipsburg




For Bureau of Constitutional Affairs For B/D Consultants and Administrative Services



Mr. Dennis Richardson/ Mr. Julian Rollocks

Managing Director




Dr. Jeannette Hagen

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